What other people are saying...

From time to time we might find articles about our core therapies that we think will interest you and we’ll recommend them here. Joshua will also write the occasional piece.


The scope of acupuncture

In March 2020, the British Acupuncture Council published 'The scope of acupuncture. Exploring acupuncture as a modern healthcare solution'. The 64-page document was in response...

Keeping well through winter

Joshua takes a look at some of the things you can do to keep yourself healthy and strong, and help fight infection through the autumn...
My clients say...

Carolyn D

“After crippling back pain and subsequent surgery, I have been helped back to absolutely normal function, health and happiness with the support and treatment I have received with Joshua. It is difficult to imagine now how things were back then – a testament to his care.”

Clare T

“A wonderful therapist who treated me with so much compassion and care throughout many IVF struggles and success. Joshua made me feel completely at ease from my initial consultation and the whole way through my treatment. I could not recommend him highly enough. A fountain of knowledge and experience.”

Angela R K

“Without Joshua I’m sure we wouldn’t have our little girl. We can’t thank him enough of all the help, support and knowledge he gave us over the last eighteen months.”

Mary M

“Although Mr Enkin is a practitioner of many years standing, he continues to study the healing arts widely. This gives him the ability to assess quickly and accurately the needs of his patients at whatever level of life situation.”