Angie T

“I was diagnosed with cancer, in shock, out of balance and with no confidence in my body. Joshua expertly and effectively treated my shock with homeopathy, his treatment continued with Five Elements Acupuncture after I’d had radical surgery. I felt like I went on a journey with him, to a place of strength and health, both physically and emotionally. For me the whole process was both surprisingly joyful and powerful, I really looked forwards to our sessions and always felt the benefit of them.

“It know it is not just his knowledge and skill that makes Joshua effective, but also his innate empathy and desire to be his best, and do his best by you. He helped me heal, but also to re-find my belief in my body and realise its strength. He is a kind man and powerful healer, I cannot recommend Joshua Enkin highly enough. I will always be thankful for his help, which I still feel is a like a gift.”