Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease is a progressive neurodegenerative condition which is typified by symptoms of rigidity, slowness of movement, tremor and loss of balance.

Many of those who suffer with Parkinson’s report positive personal experience of complementary therapies, including Joshua’s three key disciplines of acupuncture, homeopathy and Alexander Technique which focus on how the disease is affecting the person as a whole, not just their medical symptoms.

Parkinson’s UK encourages anyone affected by the condition to explore what works for them. They also stress that you should talk to your GP, specialist or Parkinson’s nurse before embarking on any complementary therapy. 

Carers, spouses and family too, of course, might be feeling the strain of caring for a loved one with Parkinson’s and they too can benefit from treatment.

How we can help:

  • Improvement in motor function and posture
  • Attenuation of nerve damage
  • Reduction in sensitivity to pain and stress
  • Relaxation and relief from anxiety and worry
My clients say...

Angie T

“I was diagnosed with cancer, in shock, out of balance and with no confidence in my body. Joshua expertly and effectively treated my shock with homeopathy, his treatment continued with Five Elements Acupuncture after I’d had radical surgery. I felt like I went on a journey with him, to a place of strength and health,…

Clare T

“A wonderful therapist who treated me with so much compassion and care throughout many IVF struggles and success. Joshua made me feel completely at ease from my initial consultation and the whole way through my treatment. I could not recommend him highly enough. A fountain of knowledge and experience.”

Mary M

“Although Mr Enkin is a practitioner of many years standing, he continues to study the healing arts widely. This gives him the ability to assess quickly and accurately the needs of his patients at whatever level of life situation.”

Sue T

“As a violinist, I had Alexander lessons from Joshua to help sort out my increasingly uncooperative body. I was 38 years old then and continued with these for the next decade or so because of the enormous benefits they brought to my life, not only physically, but on a personal and spiritual level. My body…