Fertility Issues

Fertility issues and the frustrations of not being able to conceive can be hugely stressful to a relationship – and the wider family – particularly so if the decision to ‘have a baby’ has been delayed for whatever reason. As a Zita West affiliated practitioner, Joshua provides acupuncture treatment for couples who wish to take a pro-active approach to starting and growing their family.

The clinical definition of male infertility is ‘the presence of abnormal semen parameters in the male partner of a couple who have been unable to conceive after one year of unprotected intercourse’. Successful fertilisation of the female egg requires normal sperm production and motility, and adequate sexual performance, all functions that require normal levels of testosterone.

In a woman, the one-year definition also applies but infertility can be ‘primary’, in women who have never conceived, or ‘secondary’, in those who have. Factors involved in successful conception might also include the woman’s age and pregnancy history, a couple’s lifestyle, nutritional and dietary habits and how their fertility worries might be impacting their relationship.

Acupuncture can help support your journey to starting a family, beginning with preparing you both, mentally and physically, and optimising the conditions for successful conception, through pregnancy and on into the early months of your baby’s life.

How we can help:

  • Addressing hormonal imbalance
  • Reduction of stress, greater relaxation
  • Enhanced pregnancy experience
  • Lifestyle and dietary advice
  • Increased egg/sperm production
My clients say...

Angie T

“I was diagnosed with cancer, in shock, out of balance and with no confidence in my body. Joshua expertly and effectively treated my shock with homeopathy, his treatment continued with Five Elements Acupuncture after I’d had radical surgery. I felt like I went on a journey with him, to a place of strength and health,…


“I began to have acupuncture with Joshua to improve my chances of conceiving.  From the outset, he made me feel very relaxed and comfortable and that, in combination with the weekly treatment sessions, I felt a lot calmer and my blood pressure started to come down. I always felt  I could share my concerns with him…

Ruth and Steve

“Joshua Enkin is a very knowledgeable practitioner with a caring and perceptive nature that puts his patients at their ease. He has helped both myself and my husband with great success –acupuncture for my husband, to lower his stress levels, and Alexander Technique for me, initially, because I was having problems with loss of voice.…

Mary M

“Although Mr Enkin is a practitioner of many years standing, he continues to study the healing arts widely. This gives him the ability to assess quickly and accurately the needs of his patients at whatever level of life situation.”